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Amphicar Floats. Metropolitan Doesn't.

Hey, Nash Metropolitan owner! Tired of answering THE question? This shirt is for you.

No need to explain for the umpteenth time that the Metropolitan is NOT the car that floats. Just point to the info graphic on your chest, and save your vocal cords.

Unlike the car, this white, 100% cotton Port Authority-brand tee will probably float. It's available in the following adult sizes:
*Extra Large (Measures 24 1/2" wide pit to pit)
*XXL (Measures 26" wide pit to pit)

Order yours below:
Customer Gallery
Check out these photos from our posh Summer 2011 catalogue. Our models came from all over the country in their Metropolitans to attend the 2011 International Met Meet in Kenosha. Our customers look great even without the 6-inch heels and bored, condescending gazes.
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Bailey Lawless doesn't use seat belts. Why? Hard to unlatch when your Met is sinking to the bottom of the lake.
Photo of Bill Clark wearing his Floats-Doesn't Float t-shirt Photo of Bill Clark wearing his Floats-Doesn't Float t-shirt
Bill Clark is cramming for the final exam on Metropolitan buoyancy. Hint: glub!
Photo of Bill Garman wearing his Floats-Doesn't Float t-shirt Photo of Bill Garman wearing his Floats-Doesn't Float t-shirt
Bill Garman has been asked The Question so many times, he just says, "Talk to the shirt."
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Bill Latham is currently getting buff for the next "Baywatch" reunion movie.
Photo of Bill Schaefer and his BFF Ali Photo of Bill Schaefer and his BFF Ali
Bill Schaefer wisely understands Man-Woman-Car relationships. That's why he lets Ali drive the Met.
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Bob Nelius doesn't want your pity. He wants you to stop asking him The Question!
Photo of Cathy and Steve Robertson Photo of Cathy and Steve Robertson
Steve Robertson, Editor of "The Met Gazette." Cathy Robertson, Editor of Steve.
Photo of Emily Darak Photo of Emily Darak
Emily Darak's Nashin' fashion statement
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This AMC fan is now fully equipped to confront the ignorant masses.
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Ken Wawrzyniak will proudly buy oak while wearing this shirt.
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Rita and Pete Bulow are glad to have a Metropolitan FAQ on their chest after all these years!
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Betty Jacobson and granddaughter Sarah prove that there is no wrong way to answer The Question.
Photo of Tim Duncan Photo of Tim Duncan
This gentleman was our first customer!
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Met fans have a sink or swim attitude. When it sinks, you better know how to swim!
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Another happy customer. The Metropolitan is simply a Smile Factory on wheels.
Send us your photo! Get a dollar back!
Do you belong on our gallery wall? Do you look as good as, if not 31% better than, everyone else in our Customer Gallery? Prove it!

Start by buying the shirt. Then, email us a digital photo of you wearing the Gone Autos "Amphicar Floats. Metropolitan Doesn't" t-shirt.

In your email, make sure you tell us who's in the photo in case it isn't you.

Tell us what your PayPal account email address is. If we use your photo (odds are in your favor), we'll send a dollar back to you through PayPal.

This could be the jump start that your modeling career needs!
More "Amphicar Floats. Metropolitan Doesn't" Shirt Styles
Click here to see more shirt styles. (Move your scroll bar to the right to see more styles.)
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*Or else we'll hide your Crosley in the garden shed.
*Or else we'll park the '61 Metropolitan outside your house and lay on the horn all night.
*Or else we'll call that plumber's butt crack your Darrin Dip.
*Or else we'll retard your spark.