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Jeni Panhorst,
Web Site Owner/Fan/Fashionista

Don't Be a Hater - Pacer

When Jeni Panhorst started the amcpacer.com web site in 1995, she had no idea she would become the center of the known Pacer universe.

Now there are thousands of people who ping her site looking for Pacer information, photos, and nostalgia.

Curiosity seekers. Pop culture fans. Original owners. Jeni loves them all...except for one group: the haters.

They get drunk on their HaterAde, and they lob all sorts of pot shots at the Pacer.

Gone Autos wants to help Jeni break the haters' dependence on negative energy. We found a cleaner, longer-lasting alternative: love.

Let's tell the haters to chill, baby, chill. There are a lot of people who really love this car. It's up to us to change hearts and minds. One t-shirt at a time.

Jeni is wearing the prototype, but you can get the production model. It's a 100% cotton Port Authority-brand ringer tee. (The Royal Blue ends of the sleeves match the blue graphics.)

Our tees are available in the following adult sizes:
*Extra Large (Measures 24 1/2" wide pit to pit)
*XXL (Measures 26" wide pit to pit)

Join the cause. Order yours below:
Send us your photo! Get a dollar back!
Do you belong on our gallery wall? Do you look as good as, if not 31% better than, everyone else in our Customer Gallery? Prove it!

Start by buying the shirt. Then, email us a digital photo of you wearing the Gone Autos "Don't Be a Hater" t-shirt.

In your email, make sure you tell us who's in the photo in case it isn't you.

Tell us what your PayPal account email address is. If we use your photo (odds are in your favor), we'll chuck a buck back to you through PayPal.

This could be the jump start that your modeling career needs! Email your photo to us today!
More "Don't Be a Hater - Pacer" Shirt Styles
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*Or else we'll hide your Crosley in the garden shed.
*Or else we'll park the '61 Metropolitan outside your house and lay on the horn all night.
*Or else we'll call that plumber's butt crack your Darrin Dip.
*Or else we'll retard your spark.