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Florence Henderson & Bill Hayes: Let's Talk About a Rocket
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Did you know that Oldsmobile spent crazy amounts of money to create Broadway-style theater shows to introduce their new cars to dealers in the 1950s and 60s?

Did you know that they hired lots of famous entertainers to star in those shows?

Did you know that you're about to meet the two most famous stars?

Gone Autos talks to Florence Henderson and Bill Hayes about the greatest work you never knew they did.

Listen to the podcast here.

Or download it through our iTunes channel. (Go to iTunes, and search for "Gone Autos".)
Tim Dye: Extreme Pontiac Collector
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Find out how one man went from collecting a Max Factor GTO cologne bottle to owning a whole museum dedicated to Pontiac automobilia.

Meet Tim Dye: extreme collector/author/museum director.

Listen to the podcast here.

Or download it through our iTunes channel.
Studebaker '62: Lew Minkel + Richard Quinn
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Lew Minkel

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Richard Quinn

In this podcast, we hear a rare 1961 recording by Studebaker Vice-President Lew Minkel.

Minkel was giving a speech to Los Angeles-area Studebaker dealers about the company's plans for 1962.

Then we find out what the heck Minkel was talking about from Studebaker uber-historian Richard Quinn.

It takes a Studebaker fan to talk about a Studebaker man's Studebaker plan.

Get the podcast here, or download it through our iTunes channel.

Then grab the t-shirt that's salty, delicious, and totally ridiculous. Wear a Studebacon t-shirt to your next car show!
Josh Malks, Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg expert
Picture of Josh Malks in his Cord 812
Three little words. When spoken together in the right order, it’s like watching fireworks. Classic car fans will emit sounds like “Oooooh” and “Ahhhhhh.”

That’s the magic of Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg.

Seventy-five years after E.L. Cord hightailed it out of Auburn, Indiana, with $2.6 million in cash, the masterpieces that his company built continue to amaze and fascinate car fans worldwide.

One of those fans is our guest on the Gone Autos Podcast. Josh Malks, author of the definitive book Cord Complete and owner of a Cord 812 Westchester Sedan, tells us who E.L. Cord was and why his cars are still special today. Josh also offers some insight about how E.L. Cord’s philosophy still applies to modern business.

Whether you listen to it here or through our iTunes channel, download the podcast now. It’s a Duesy!

Read the transcript here.
Donny Conn of The Playmates
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Donny Conn today

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Donny Conn
(at the handlebars)
with The Playmates
in 1958

Nash Rambler fans: listen and weep, weep. Here comes the true story of Beep Beep.

Donny Conn of the 1950's group The Playmates reveals to Gone Autos that his band's most famous song wasn't actually about a Rambler. (It was about the...sorry. I can't bend your frame like that. Better let Donny do it.)

Take a Sunday drive down Memory Lane with the radio on as Donny tells the story of The Playmates while Gone Autos brings you vintage Playmates music. And buckle up for a little mythbusting along the way.

Listen here.

Read the transcript here.

Grab the shirt that Beep Beep is really all about. (Hint: it's not the Amphicar.)
Geoff Hacker of ForgottenFiberglass.com
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Wanna hear "the best American car story never told?"

Then listen to Geoff Hacker of ForgottenFiberglass.com. Geoff and his friend Rick D'Louhy are on a mission to revive America's fiberglass-bodied sports car heritage.

Through dogged research and countless interviews with the fiberglass pioneers, Geoff is determined that someday you'll know as much about Victress, Glasspar, and LaDawri as you do about Corvette and Avanti.

It's an epic story of America's do-it-yourself fiberglass pioneers told by an amazing do-it-yourself historian. Do yourself a favor, and download this podcast now.

Listen to the audio-only version here.

Listen to the video-enhanced version here. (Must have QuickTime for Mac or Windows.)

Read the transcript here.
All Canadian Car with Stu Chapman of Studebaker Canada
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Did you know that Studebaker released a comedy record circa 1964? It's strange. It's rare. It's true.

In this podcast, you'll hear the recording All Canadian Car followed by an explanation from the only man who could tell you all about it: Stu Chapman, Studebaker's last Director of Advertising and Promotion.

Listen to the audio-only version here.

Listen to the video-enhanced version here. (Must have QuickTime for Mac or Windows.)

Read the transcript here.
Paul Niedermeyer of Curbside Classic
Curbside Classic logo
If the only place you ever go to get your orphan car fix is car shows, then you might be missing some of the best sightseeing opportunities of all.

In our second podcast, Paul Niedermeyer of Curbside Classic joins us to talk about the ordinary, everyday classics that are still running, still driving, still serving a purpose.

Every car has a story, and Paul tells us why those stories are important.

Listen here.

Read the transcript here.
Aaron Severson of Ate Up With Motor
Ate Up With Motor logo
Aaron Severson of Ate Up with Motor tells Gone Autos how he writes car histories.

Cars aren’t collections of facts and data, Aaron tells us. They’re rolling stories about the culture that built them.

Aaron explains how he researches his stories, how long it takes to write them, what grinds his gears, and what the future is for ateupwithmotor.com.

Listen here.

Read the transcript here.
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