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Gone Autos knows that whatever orphan car you have, you want to connect with others in your tribe. So this page can help hook you up with various car clubs and individuals who share your passion for a particular make or model.

All clubs are national or international clubs unless otherwise noted. (Because of limited resources and the large number of regional chapters, we cannot list local chapters of larger national clubs.)

If you have a national club that needs to be added, please send an email to:

Since this is a long page (38 marques and counting!), use the links below to quickly get to a particular marque.

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American Austin Bantam
American Austin-Bantam Club
Primary Interests: All 19,700 American Austin cars and trucks built from 1929-1934 and all American Bantam cars built from 1938-1940. The club also recognizes the military BRCs and Bantam-produced utility trailers.

Web Site:

The Austin Bantam Society
Primary Interests: All American Austin and Bantam vehicles. The club expanded its charter " include pre-war English Austins and derivative cars such as Dixi, Rosengart and Datsun. Modified cars of these marques are welcome too." (Note: this club was formerly called The Pacific Bantam Austin Club.)

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American Motors Corporation
AMC Rambler Club (AMCRC)
Primary Interest: AMC cars made between 1958 and 1969. That includes Classics, Marlins, Javelins & AMXs & Ambassadors (through 1969), and post-Nash Ramblers.

Web Site:

American Motors Owners Association (AMO)
Primary Interest: All AMC cars made between 1958 and 1988. (This is the post-Nash and Hudson era.)

Web Site:
International Amphicar Owners Club (IAOC)
Primary Interest: Amphicars! All 3,878 of the boat cars built in Berlin between 1961 and 1968.

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Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Club
Primary Interests: All original Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg cars. Peripheral interest in Graham Hollywoods and Hupmobile Skylarks.

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Glenn Pray Auburn-Cord Group
Primary Interests: In 1960 Glenn Pray bought The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Company and its 600,000 pounds of remaining parts and moved the factory to Broken Arrow, OK. This club celebrates all A-C-D cars with a focus on the Pray-built cars and replicas (from other companies) of Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg models.

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Bricklin International Owners Club (IAOC)
Primary Interest: Every one of the 2,854, gull-wing, SV-1 sports cars made by Bricklin in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, from 1974 to 1976.

Web Site:
The Checker Car Club of America, Inc.
Primary Interest: All Checker automobiles made by the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company (and later, Checker Motors Corporation) from 1922 to 1982.

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The Cole Motorcar Club of America
Primary Interest: The automobiles built by the Cole Motorcar Company of Indianapolis, Indiana, from 1908-1925. Led by founder Joseph J. Cole, the company was the second (after Cadillac) to sell cars with the V8 engine. The club's roster contains approximately 70 surviving Cole automobiles.

Contact: Cole Motor Car Club of America
ATTN: Leroy Cole
Box 183
Goodrich, MI 48438
Phone: 810-636-7221

Crosley Automobile Club Inc. (CAC)
Primary Interest: All Crosley cars manufactured between 1939-1942 and 1946-1952. The club also celebrates other products manufactured by its namesake Powel Crosley.

Web Site:

Crosley Car Owners Club (CCOC)
Primary Interest: This is the first Crosley club to celebrate Crosley cars. It was originally started in 1952. It remained dormant until a small group jumpstarted it in 2006.

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The Delorean Owners Association
Primary Interest: The 8,583 cars manufactured by the DeLorean Motor Company between 1981 and 1983. This club celebrates any and all things related to DMC and its sole model: the DMC-12.

Web Site:
The National DeSoto Club, Inc.
Primary Interest: All the cars made under Chrysler's DeSoto marque thru 1961.

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The Divco Club of America
Primary Interest: America's favorite Art Deco delivery trucks - Divcos! All the various models manufactured by all the various companies that owned part of (or called themselves) Divco between 1926 and 1986.

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The Durant Motors Automobile Club
Primary Interests: All of the automobiles manufactured by Durant Motors. Supported marques include: Durant, Star, Rugby, Flint, Frontenac, DeVaux, Dort, and Locomobile.

Web Site:

See also: Locomobile
Edsel Owners Club, Inc (EOC)
Primary Interest: Those cars made from 1958-60 and named after Henry Ford's son.

Web Site:

International Edsel Site (IEC)
Primary Interest: This club broadens its scope to include anyone worldwide who is interested in the Edsel. It claims to represent members in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

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The H.H. Franklin Club
Primary Interests: Any and all of the air-cooled Franklin cars built from 1902-1934. Of interest also is the H.H. Franklin Manufacturing Company, which produced these automobiles.

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Graham Owners Club International (GOCI)
Primary Interests: All Graham-built vehicles including Graham Brothers trucks, Graham-Paige cars, Graham cars, and Graham-Paige-built 1947 Frazers. Other cars welcome in the club are Paige automobiles. (And not to be forgotten: those Graham-Paige Rototillers!)

Web Site:
Gray-Dort Motors and Wm. Gray & Sons Carriage Enthusiasts
Primary Interest: The cars built partially by Dort in America and assembled by Gray in Canada from 1915 to 1925. Unlike American subsidiaries in other countries, Gray-Dort was free to manufacture its own versions of the Dort automobile. Near the end of its run, 65% of of the parts in Gray-Dort cars were made and supplied by Canadian companies. It is considered the first true Canadian-built car.

Web Site:
Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club, Inc. (H-E-T)
Primary Interests: The products of the Hudson Motor Car Company. This includes all cars built from 1909 - May 1, 1954. Also includes the American Motors-built cars produced from 1955-1957.

Web Site:
The Hupmobile Club
Primary Interests: All things Hupp including Hupmobiles, Hupp-Yeats, and R.C.H. automobiles.

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The Jordan Register
Primary Interests: Edward 'Ned' Jordan was a brilliant automobile marketer, but he was also a manufacturer of his own brand. This club celebrates the man who wrote the famous "Somewhere West of Laramie" ad and the cars he made from 1916 to 1932.

Web Site:
Kaiser-Frazer Owners Club International (KFOCI)
Primary Interests: All products manufactured by Kaiser-Frazer including Kaiser, Frazer, Henry J, Allstate, Darrin, and Aero-Willys vehicles. Mostly interested in the years 1945-1955.

Web Site:
The Locomobile Society of America
Primary Interests: All Locomobile vehicles manufactured from 1899-1929, including Riker Electric Cars. (Minor interest in Mobile steam cars, which were manufactured in the Locomobile factory but were mostly Stanley steam cars.) This group operates loosely as a club but has no annual dues.

Web Site:

See also: Stanley
The Marmon Club
Primary Interest: All of those who appreciate the history of Howard Marmon and Marmon motor cars built from 1903-1933.

Web Site:
International Mercury Owners Association (IOMA)
Primary Interest: Dedicated to Mercury owners everywhere and the cars that Ford built from 1939 to January 11, 2011.

Web Site:
Moon Car Club
Primary Interest: This club is for all fans of Moon, Diana, Windsor, and Ruxton automobiles built in St. Louis from 1905 to 1930. (You might also see a few Moon horsedrawn carriages on the site as well.)

Web Site:
Nash Car Club of America (NCCA)
Primary Interest: It's quite a laundry list: all Ramblers built by the Thomas B. Jeffery Co. from 1902-1913, all Jeffery cars built from 1914-1917, all Nash vehicles spanning from 1917-1957, Ajax cars built in 1925 & 1926, LaFayette cars built from 1920-1924 and again from 1934-1940, Nash-Healeys built from 1951-1954, Metropolitans built from 1954-1962, Hudsons built from 1955-1957, and Nash trucks built from 1947-1954.

Web Site:
Oldsmobile Club of America (OCA)
Primary Interest: More than a century of automobiles produced by the longest-lived American brand. OCA covers everything Oldsmobile from 1897 to April 29, 2004 (the day the last Alero rolled off the line.)

Web Site:
The Old Dominion Packard Club
Primary Interest: All products produced by The Packard Motor Car Company including cars built from 1899-1902, trucks, and marine engines.

Web Site:

The Packard Club
Primary Interests: The oldest Packard appreciation club extant focuses on the motor vehicle products of The Packard Motor Car Company products including cars built from 1899-1958 and trucks.

Web Site:
The Peerless Motor Car Club
Primary Interest: Primary Interests: This club covers the Cleveland-built cars that were made from 1901-1932 before this luxury car company remade itself into...a brewery.

Web Site:
The Pierce-Arrow Society
Primary Interest: The products of the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company including their luxury cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, and the Pierce Travelodge.

Web Site:
Plymouth Owners Club, Inc.
Primary Interest: This club recognizes "all 4, 6 and V8 powered Plymouth cars, Plymouth trucks and Fargo commercial vehicles built from 1928 up through our 'sliding' 25-year age limit."

Web Site:
Pontiac-Oakland Club International (POCI)
Primary Interest: It's all about the Pontiacs for this club. Everything Pontiac from 1926-2009. Plus, the club recognizes Oaklands, the parent brand, which was built from 1907-1932.

Web Site:

Full Size Pontiac Club
Primary Interest: We love that this club knows exactly what it loves: Pontiac land yachts from 1958-1980.

Web Site:
REO Club of America
Primary Interest: All cars and trucks built by the company that Ransom E. Olds started after he left Oldsmobile. That includes cars built through 1936 and all incarnations of trucks built into the 1990s.

Web Site:
Rickenbacker Car Club of America
Primary Interest: Eddie Rickenbacker was a legendary fighter pilot from World War I. In the 1920s, he also lent his name to a line of cars. This club is devoted to Rickenbacker automobiles produced from 1922 to 1927.

Web Site:
Saturn Performance Club
Primary Interest: Race those Saturns! Rally those Saturns! Drag those Saturns! This is your club if you love to do stuff with your Saturn other than park it.

Web Site:

Primary Interest: Less a club and more of an online news and discussion forum for Saturn fans. It has one simple promise: "Your Saturn Web Experience Starts Here."

Web Site:
Steam Automobile Club of America (SACA)
Primary Interests: Preserving, restoring, and getting up a full head of steam for all steam-powered cars. In addition to Stanley steam cars, this club also supports White and Doble steamers.

Web Site:
The Antique Studebaker Club
Primary Interest: As their web site states: "...All Antique Studebaker vehicles produced through the 1946 model year and M-series trucks produced through the 1948 model year."

Web Site:

The Studebaker Drivers Club
Primary Interest: All the Studebakers fit to drive. And restore. And remember. This club is nothing less than an army of dedicated fans that devotes itself to the cause. I can think of few other clubs as large, as committed, as enthusiastic as The Studebaker Drivers Club. If you believe in Studebaker, you owe to yourself to join this tribe of fellow believers. An outstanding group.

Web Site:
The Stutz Club
Primary Interests: All "motor vehicles manufactured from 1911-1936 by companies founded by Harry Clayton Stutz. These include The Ideal Motor Car Company, The Stutz Motor Car Company, The Stutz Fire Engine Company, New Stutz Fire Apparatus Company and The H.C.S. Motor Car Company. These motor vehicles, comprising the marques of Stutz, Blackhawk, H.C.S. and Pak-Age Car, are collectively referred to as Stutz."

Web Site:
Official Velie Register
Primary Interests: Finding and tracking all surviving Velie cars and trucks made from 1902-1928. Secondary interests include all things Velie: company history, tech specs, vehicle identification, etc.

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