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Pontiac Since 1945 by Richard L. Busenkell
(W.W. Norton & Co.; New York, NY; 1989)

I don't know much about this book except that it must be a school history text book, because it's published by Norton. (That would explain the low price for a hardcover book.)

If this is the required reading for your course about Pontiac, then get your book here for a chopped and lowered price!

Hardcover, Used: Look for this book in the $2-$10 range (pretty cheap).

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Pontiac Fiero 1984-1988 Performance Portfolio by R.M. Clarke (Editor)
(Brooklands Books; Cobham, Surrey, England; 2000)

Brooklands publishes collector car books that are compilations of vintage news articles, road tests, etc. This is another title in that series.

This is a book of contemporary road and comparison tests, new model introductions, specification and technical data, driving impressions, owner's survey, racing, history, buying second hand. Models covered include:- 2M4 SE, SE, Pfaff Turbo, GT, GT V6, GTU, Formula.

Softcover, New: $24.95

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Pontiac 1946-1963 Limited Edition Premiere by R.M. Clarke (Compiler)
(Brooklands Books; Cobham, Surrey, England; 2009)

Brooklands publishes collector car books that are compilations of vintage news articles, road tests, etc. This is another title in that series.

Covered are the Streamliner, Torpedo, Chieftain, Silver Arrow, Super & Star Chiefs, Eight, Bonneville, Safari, Tempest, Strato-Chief, Ventura, Catalina and Grand Prix. 

Included are long term tests, new model introductions, full specifications, a consumer analysis plus features on touring, tuning and racing. 

A total of 160 fully illustrated pages.

Softcover, New: $25.04

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Pontiac Firebird: The Auto-Biography by Marc Cranswick
(Veloce Publishing; Poundbury, Dorchester, England; 2003)

In definitive detail, here's the full international story of Pontiac's Firebird coupe & convertible during three decades of production.

Coverage includes Trans-Am, Esprit, SE, Formula & Trans-Am GT. 192 artpaper pages and over 250 illustrations, mostly in color.

One bonus is that there's extensive coverage of the 3rd Generation Firebird.

Fans really like this book and compare it favorably to the high quality coverage that Corvettes seem to get.

A great Firebird history.

Hardcover, Used: Prices vary widely. Look for a used copy in the $30-$50 range.

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Original Pontiac GTO: The Restorer's Guide 1964-1972 by Thomas DeMauro
(Motorbooks International; Minneapolis, MN; 2001)

This is the guide that details all that is necessary to correctly restore your premier 1964-1974 muscle car.

An appendix includes exterior color codes for years produced and colors for the Judge stripe and decals.

Each chapter is devoted to a model year and lists dealer oddities, option codes and prices, and special equipment and are highlighted with bumper-to-bumper, close-up shots of this mid-size marvel.

This book does some things exceptionally well, but it does not cover everything down to the last detail. For instance, DeMauro does a good job telling you the differences between correct original restorations and full frame-off restorations.

However, if you're ready to authentically restore your GTO, it does not contain details like part numbers and paint colors.

If you want to get the Big Picture about restoring your Pontiac GTO, this is your book.

Hardcover, Used: Pontiac fans seem to like this book. Look for used copies in the $80-$100 range.

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The Hemmings Motor News Book of Pontiacs by Terry Ehrich (Editor) & Richard Lentinello
(Hemmings Motor News; Bennington, VT; 2001)

Look for vintage Drive Report articles from the now-defunct Special Interest Autos Magazine, which is the predecessor to the current Hemmings Classic Car Magazine.

These articles are comparisons between two similar classic cars that would have competed with each other in their day.

You'll also find other reprinted historical articles from SIA.

Softcover, Used: Prices vary. Look for a used copy in the $10-$20 range.

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Firebird: Pure Excitement from Pontiac by James Flammang
(Publications International; Lincolnwood, IL; 1994)

Flammang's book covers the Pontiac Firebird from the 1967 Sprint to the 1994 25th Anniversary Trans Am.

Features full-color photos on every page.

Hardcover, Used: Prices are on the low end for this one. Look for a used copy in the $1-$10 range.

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75 Years of Pontiac by John Gunnell
(Krause Publications; Iola, WI; 2001)

Say one thing for John Gunnell: he's a completist. His Standard Catalog books are the go-to reference works for cars, stamps, coins, and hairless cat breeds. (Okay, kidding on that last one.)

So when Gunnell teamed up with Pontiac to publish this reference work, you can be sure that it's filled not only with useful information, but also gorgeous photography.

This book plays the hits: Chief of the Sixes, Silver Streaks, the GTO, the Firebird, and the Trans Am. Since it was published in 2001, I'm sure Pontiac got involved to promote the then-new Aztek.

Look for complete production figures and 250 color photos. Probably the best, most handsome look at Pontiac up to this point.

Hardcover, Used: Prices vary. Look for a used copy in the $15-$30 range.

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Standard Catalog of Firebird 1967-2002 by John Gunnell
(Krause Publications; Iola, WI; 2002)

Embrace the thundering horsepower of Firebird, Pontiac's number one performance car, in this full-colour reference featuring comprehensive coverage of every Firebird built from 1967 to 2002.

Owners and fans will enjoy tracking the evolution through hundreds of color photographs while learning about their favorite models.

Over 725 model and price listings provide vehicle descriptions, serial number explanations, original price and weight charts, equipment and available production data, engine details, historical facts, VIN information, and collector values for 1967 to 1995 models.

The pricing section uses the Old Cars Price Guide's 1-to-6-price condition rating scale. All Firebird models are covered, including base Firebird, Firebird 326, Formula Firebird, Firebird 400, Ram Air 400, Esprit, Trans-Am, and SLP Bandit, Firehawk series, and more.

(Note: watch out for any prices mentioned. Remember, this book was published in 2002. The prices will only help you understand what Pontiacs are more valuable than others.)

Essential reference work for Firebird fans.

Softcover, Used: Look for a used copy in the $13-$20 range.

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Standard Catalog of GTO 1961-2004 by John Gunnell
(Krause Publications; Iola, WI; 2003)

GTO is the car that started it all. Prior to 1964, performance cars were full-size hardtops and sedans with the largest-displacement engines available.

While other manufacturers were concentrating on their full-size lines, Pontiac saw the potential for dropping a big block engine into an intermediate frame and marketing it at a budget price.

Capturing the history of the A-body Pontiac, with emphasis on the GTO, this comprehensive reference includes the features that car enthusiasts are searching for: all-new optional equipment installation rates, advertising slogans, expanded technical specifications, and collector-market values updated to 2003 for Tempest, Tempest Custom, LeMans (through 1981), Sprint, GTO, Luxury LeMans, LeMans Sport, LeMans GT, and GT-37, as well as dream, show, and racing cars.

* Easy to use codes make Standard Catalog of GTO, Tempest & LeMans very user-friendly

* More than 675 model listings and over 4,000 condition-graded prices

* Features all-new Tempest, LeMans, GTO, and Pontiac color advertisements

Softcover, Used: Look for a copy in the $5-$15 range.

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Standard Catalog of Pontiac 1926-2002 by John Gunnell
(Krause Publications; Iola, WI; 2002)

Collectors can speed through thousands of listings to obtain specifications, production data, and serial number information for their favorite Pontiacs.

Every Pontiac model ever made from 1926 to 2002 is listed, along with the predecessors to Pontiac, the Oakland cars produced from 1908-1931.

Over 500 photographs help collectors clearly identify the Pontiacs through the years. Current collector values are provided in six grades of condition.

This updated edition also includes new facts and photos. This book: provides thousands of listings of Pontiacs made from 1926-2002; includes new listings for models made from 1996 to 2002 including Bonneville SSEi, Grand Prix GTP, Ram Air Firebirds, Aztec, and Vibe; lets you obtain specifications, production data, serial number information, and much more; and, features coverage of Oakland cars produced from 1908-1931.

Note: there's an earlier version of this book that stops at 1995.

Bonus Note: There's no updated version that goes all the way to 2009. Not yet. (Get on it, Gunnell!)

Essential Pontiac reference work.

Softcover, Used: Look for a used copy in the $8-$15 range.

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GTO: Pontiac's Great One by Darwin Holstrom; Photography by David Newhardt
(Motorbooks International; Minneapolis, MN; 2011)

In 1963 Pontiac's Chief Engineer John DeLorean and his two favorite staff engineers, Bill Collins and Russ Gee, came up with an inspired way to keep Pontiac cars in the performance limelight:  bolt a big engine into Pontiac's upcoming Tempest intermediate body.  Thus was the GTO born.

Through cunning, resourcefulness, and outright trickery the minds of Pontiac managed to get this rocket into dealerships and out onto America's highways, and to introduce that most iconic of American automobiles, the muscle car, to the nation’s most discriminating drivers.
This is the story of the GTO, of the people who made it a reality and a sales sensation, of those who owned and loved the cars. With color photographs, drawings, and detailed stats, this book is not so much the story of a historic car as an illustrated biography of American muscle.

Kindle Edition: $16.19
Softcover, New: $19.79
Hardcover, New: $31.50

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Grand Prix: Pontiac's Luxury Performance Car by Don Keefe
(Iconografix; Osceola, WI; 2007)

Don Keefe has done his homework. Here's a book about the Grand Prix that doesn't burrow too far down the technical rabbit hole. There are facts and production figures, but Keefe doesn't assume that your heart pounds at the sight of tabular data.

Keefe writes honestly about the Grand Prix. He talks about the Glory Years of the 1960's, but he's not afraid to tell about the Scary Years: the 1970's and 1980's.

He also spends a fair amount of time on the 1990's and 2000's.

A good book on an orphan car whose latest models (like the GXP) you can still spot on roads today.

Softcover, New: $23.70

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The Fabulous Firebirds by Michael Lamm
(Lamm-Morada; Stockton, CA; 1990

The Fabulous Firebird claims to be the first book ever published about Firebirds.

It is devoted exclusively and entirely to the first and second generations of the Pontiac Firebird and Trans Am. (Lamm originally produced this book in 1979 and updated it extensively in 1981.)

This edition is the classic 1981 form, with no alterations whatsoever. The Fabulous Firebird is hardcover, has 160 pages and 410 photographs.

There are also full Firebird and Trans Am specifications, detailed lists of optional and standard equipment, plus yearly engine, chassis and styling changes. The book thoroughly covers the development and history of all Firebirds and Trans Ams from before 1967 through 1981.

(Firebird fans rate this book very, very highly, and Michael Lamm is a great writer.)

Hardcover, Used: Prices vary. Look for a used copy in the $10-$30 range.

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Milt Schornack and the Royal Bobcat GTOs by Keith J. Macdonald & Milt Schornack
(McFarland and Company; Jefferson, NC; 2006)

This book outlines the history of the Royal Bobcat GTO, from the people—including Milt Schornack, the mechanic who raced for Royal Pontiac and was responsible for the custom Bobcats—to the fabled midnight test runs on northern Detroit’s famous Woodward Avenue.

Fourteen chapters, illustrated with 25 photographs of vintage GTOs, the infamous Car & Driver road test photos against a Ferrari GTO, and more, chronicle the history of a car that changed the focus of the Detroit auto industry for the next decade.

Former editor-in-chief of Hot Rod Magazine Ro McGonegal contributes a foreword.

Softcover, New: from $35.00

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Pontiac Muscle Cars (Enthusiast Color Series) by Mike Mueller
(Motorbooks International; Minneapolis, MN; 1994)

High-performance muscle from Pontiac containing complete history and model specs on Pontiacs muscle cars beginning in the late 50s and continuing through the early 1970s.

Beautiful color photos from the early 60s Bonnevilles, through GTOs, Tempests, Firebird Formulas and Trans Ams, plus interior and engine shots.

This book is a good overview of Pontiacs from the glory years of 1959-1973.

Softcover, Used: Look for a used copy in the $6-$15 range.

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Firebird Trans Am (Muscle Car Color History) by David Newhardt
(Motorbooks International; Minneapolis, MN; 2005)

The Pontiac Firebird was originally overshadowed by the popular Chevrolet Camaro, but the Firebird developed a loyal following and a reputation for true high-performance to earn a high-profile spot in muscle car history.

It also had a role in pop culture as Burt Reynolds drove a Trans Am in Smokey and the Bandit and young David Hasselhoff took direction from his talking Trans Am in Knight Rider.

While 1970s environmental and insurance interests emasculated most muscle cars, the Trans Am made a defiant last stand. In 1973, Pontiac introduced the mighty Trans Am Super Duty 455, one of the fastest muscle cars ever.

The high-performance, high-profile history of the Firebird Trans Am is presented here along with stunning color photos of choice models.

Softcover, New: $18.27

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Pontiac Firebird 1967-2000 Photo History by George Scala
(Iconografix; Osceola, WI; 2000)

This exciting history delivers an informative text accompanied by detailed black-and-white photographs that guide you through the life of the Firebird, from the first models in 1967 to the 2000 models.

Contains engine specs and photos of clay models showing design elements, plus all the high points in Firebird's history.

Production lineup models are featured, including the XP-833, Firebird, Esprit, Formula, and of course, the extremely popular Trans-Am.

This Firebird book is another volume in the Iconografix Photo Archive Series. Most of them feature a great color cover and black/white photos inside with helpful captions and production notes.

Softcover, Used: Fans seem to like this book. Prices are all over the place. Look for a used copy in the $30-$80 range.

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Original Pontiac Firebird and Trans Am 1967-2002: The Restorer's Guide 1964-1972 by Jim Schild
(Motorbooks International; Minneapolis, MN; 2007)

This book details the Firebird’s long and illustrious career. With high-quality, detailed color photographs of some of the finer models--both originals and faithful restorations--the book is at once a unique history and a restoration guide to all four generations of the Firebird.

Pictures and text profile the correct parts, finishes, options, and trim pieces for various models. The book also covers the vehicle’s wide variety of engine options, along with all special editions and model variations from the Firebird’s introduction in 1967 to the final model in 2002.

(The title of this series can be a little deceptive. This is not a "how-to" book. It identifies parts, options, variations, etc. It does not really instruct. That's not a knock. Just a clarification.)

Hardcover, Used: from $168.99

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Pontiac: The Performance Years by Martyn L. Schorr
(671 Press; Saint Paul, MN; 2011)

Pontiac: The Performance Years represents a compilation of the best of three volumes covering the peak years of musclecar performance.

The books were first published as part of the Quicksilver Supercar Series in the early 1980s. Out of print for decades, original editions of the books are coveted by collectors and rarely come up for sale.

Not content to let collectors have all the fun, we’ve brought them back to provide a unique window into musclecar history.

Pontiac: The Performance Years is packed with a treasure trove of period photography and information from Pontiac engineering, specialty marketers like Royal Pontiac (Bobcat), and factory and private racecar builders.

Softcover, New: from $24.95

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Firebird Red Book: Pontiac Firebird from 1967 by Peter Sessler
(Motorbooks International; Minneapolis, MN; 1997)

Sessler just might have written THE ultimate reference guide for Firebird restorers.

The book is crammed with vital info like each and every factory option offered on every model and when it was offered. Production codes, VIN numbers, engines. You name it, it's in there. I'll bet GM doesn't know it offered half this stuff.

Some fans grouse about the lack of photos, but this is a numbers book. If you need VINs, production codes, etc., this is your guide.

Softcover, Used: a highly valued book. Prices vary widely. Look for a used copy in the $60-$110 range.

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GTO Red Book: Pontiac GTO 1964-1974 by Peter Sessler
(Motorbooks International; Minneapolis, MN; 1992)

Sessler just might have written THE ultimate reference guide for GTO restorers (up through '74, of course).

The book is crammed with vital info like each and every factory option offered on every model and when it was offered. Production codes, VIN numbers, engines. You name it, it's in there. I'll bet GM doesn't know it offered half this stuff.

GTO fans are pretty unanimous in their praise for this book.

Softcover, Used: Look for a used copy in the $20-$30 range.

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High-Performance Pontiacs 1955-1974 by John Smith
(S-A Design; North Branch, MN; 2005)

Wide Track. Trans-Am. Bonneville. Tri-Power. Grand Prix. GTO. Firebird. Such names are legendary in performance circles. Now there's a book that finally covers them all.

High-Performance Pontiacs: 1955-1974 covers in detail all of Pontiac's performance models from the late '50s through the early '70s and the end of the muscle car era.

In addition to extensive coverage of GTOs and Firebirds, special emphasis is placed on rare performance models that are outside the GTO/Firebird mainstream.

Text covers production figures, performance information, how the cars were marketed, and info on how the cars stacked up against the competition.

Each chapter contains sidebar charts showing production figures, engine options and their horsepower ratings, and transmissions.

Softcover, Used: Prices vary. Look for a used copy in the $25-$50 range.

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Pontiac GTO: The Great One by Steve Statham
(Motorbooks International; Minneapolis, MN; 2003)

A lavish tribute to one of America's most-beloved muscle cars covers its entire ten-year production run.

An American automotive milestone, the 1964 GTO contained several high-performance components - floorshift, high-performance suspension, 389 V-8 engine, quick steering and dual exhaust.

Get the inside story of the long and distinguished history of Pontiac's GTO on the streets and race tracks of America as Statham traces the evolution of the GTO from 1964-74 through all models, including the Tri-powers, Ram Air models, Royal Bobcats, the Judge and more.

Hardcover, Used: in the $13-$25 range
Softcover, Used: in the $9-$15 range

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Glory Days: When Horsepower and Passion Ruled Detroit by Jim Wangers
(Bentley Publishers; Minneapolis, MN; 2003)

The automobile industry is one of the most capital- and marketing-intensive industries in the world today.

Common wisdom states that the keys to sales success in the industry are no different than in any other: brand management, product positioning, and brand imaging.

But what do these commonly traded buzzwords really mean, and how do they translate into a successful brand campaign?

In Glory Days, Jim Wangers uses his 45-year career in Detroit as the basis for explaining successful brand marketing for automobiles:
* Why brand management for cars is not the same as for other "branded" products

* How to position a model for the best possible tie-in promotion-and how not to

* What it takes to establish and evolve a brand image

(This is my kind of book. It's a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how you sell an automobile. There's just as much intrigue and drama here as in how you build and race one. Highly recommended!)

Softcover, Used: Prices vary widely. Look for a used copy in the $10-$60 range.

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Fiero: Pontiac's Potent Mid-Engine Sports Car by Gary Witzenburg
(Lamm-Morada, Inc.; Osceola, WI; 1987)

Author Gary Witzenburg chronicles the development, life and afterlife of Pontiac's sporty and innovative Fiero.

From its radical chassis and body engineering, developed under engineer Hulki Aldikacti in the early 1980s, through styling and assembly processes, the Fiero blazed new trails all the way.

The car began as a four-cylinder commuter in 1984 and ended up a genuine sports/GT fastback in 1988, with its V6 and suspension second to none.

This book also records the Fiero's racing career, its wins, awards, engine mods, turbo variants, factory and after-market accessories, plus full specifications.

And author Witzenburg interviewed all the important people who made the Fiero a reality.

Hardcover, Used: Prices vary widely. Look for a used copy in the $12-$40 range.

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Pontiac's Greatest Decade 1959-1969: The Wide Track Era by Paul Zazarine
(Iconografix; Osceola, WI; 2006)

Pontiac's Greatest Decade, 1959-1969: The Wide Track Era covers a specific timeline in Pontiac's history.

Starting with the Wide Track 1959 Catalina, in rapid succession came the 1961 Tempest, the 1962 Grand Prix, the 1964 GTO (which launched the musclecar era), the 1967 Firebird, and the 1969 Grand Prix.

Pontiac's Greatest Decade, The Wide Track Era, captures the energy and the dynamic force of personality that ignited the spirit of Pontiac Motor Division and all of its employees, from designers and engineers to assembly line workers and dealers.

Along with never-before-seen photographs, there are evaluations of the products and significant milestones in the company's history from 1959 to 1969. Production and pricing information are also included.

Softcover, New: $19.77

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