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Duesenberg by Dennis Adler
(Krause Publications; Iola, WI; 2004)

This book is a high-end, top quality treatment of the timeless style of the 1930's most expensive car.

It features the entire history of the car company, from its beginnings in 1899, when Fred and Autie Duesenberg built their first bicycle, up until 1937, the time when E.C. Cord was forced to sell the nearly bankrupt company.

It's a hefty, hefty picture book. Unless you buy the Kindle version, make sure you're sitting at a table or a place where you rest the book on your lap. It's bulky.

Kindle Edition: $19.22
Hardcover, Used: Prices vary but are usually in the $50-$60 range.
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Fred and Augie Duesenberg: Made America's Greatest Car by Daniel Alef
(Meta4 Publishing; Santa Barbera, CA; 2009)

Less of a book and more of a long multimedia article, this biographical profile of Fred & Augie Duesenberg is perfect for students writing a term paper or for the new Duesenberg fan.

Keep in mind: this book is digital only. You can download it to your Amazon Kindle. You can also download it through the Kindle app on your iPad or other tablet device.

Kindle Edition, $1.99

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Auburn & Cord by Lee Beck & Josh B. Malks
(Krause Publications; Iola, WI; 2004)

Filled with dozens of never-before published archival photographs, this thorough work journeys through the history of the legendary Auburn Automobile Company, its products, and the men who shaped them.

From the company's formation in 1929 through its demise in 1937, authors Beck and Malks offer this detailed technical history of all models including Auburns Speedster, the pioneering front-wheel drive L-29, the beautiful 81 and the upgraded 812 models. Winner of the 1996 Moto Award.

Hardcover, Used: Prices start at around $25 and go up from there.

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Auburn Cord Duesenberg Racer and Record-Setters Photo Archive by Jon M. Bill
(Iconografix; Hudson, WI; 2010)

Ride along with some of the era’s most talented and daring drivers as they put Auburns, Cords and Duesenbergs through their paces. 

The extensive archive collection of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum provides an anthology of spectacular photographs of these three marques as they gain laurels in the crucible of competition. 

Informative captions tell the story of the dauntless efforts of men and machines as they raise the bar of automotive engineering during the formative days of the American automobile.

Softback, New: $24.05; used prices are in the $20 range.

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Errett Lobban Cord: His Empire, His Motor Cars by Griffith Borgeson
(Automobile Quarterly Publications; New Albany, IN; 2005)

This is the biography of America’s true renaissance man, E.L. Cord, the original and complete story of the man behind the Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg lines.

The luxurious presentation includes 280 over-sized pages containing more than 500 rare illustrations, photographs and documents.

Note: this is a REPRINT of the original Automobile Quarterly book that was bound in leather, stored inside a slipcase cover, and stamped with a limited edition number. This reprint is being published by the company that bought Automobile Quarterly. So if you're more interested in a great story rather than owning a collectible, pick up a copy of this book!

Hardcover, New: $142.35; used copies are not much of a bargain in the $130 range.

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Rolling Sculpture: A Designer and His Work by Gordon Buehrig and William S. Jackson
(Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum; Auburn, IN; 2008)

This is the second edition of the famed Gordon Buehrig book co-written by noted automotive historian Bill Jackson.

Color photography from the ACD Museum archives has been added to this edition.

Originally published in 1975, this book is a biography of the the designer of most of the the Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg models.

There's also an introduction written by Richard Teague, the VP of Styling at American Motors.

Hardcover, New: $49.95

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Auburn Cord Duesenberg (Crestline Series) by Don Butler
(Crestline Publishing Co.; Minneapolis, MN; 1992)

The Crestline Series is essentially a group of picture books with some captions. Not bad. Just not very in-depth.

This book was written by Don Butler, a former designer with Nash, Hudson, and AMC. He has also written a very highly-regarded book on Hudson.

Hardcover, Used: Prices vary but are usually in the $65-$75 range.

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Auburn Cord Duesenberg, A Brooklands Portfolio by R.M. Clarke
(Brooklands Books; Cobham, Surrey, England; 2011)

Brooklands publishes collector car books that are compilations of vintage news articles. This is another title in that series.

This portfolio of international articles on Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg covering Auburn, 120, 8-98, 8-100A, 652-Y, 851, 852, 866, 876 & Speedsters; Cor L-29, 810 and 812, plus the Duesenberg A, X, J, SJ and the racing versions. 

When the Cord Corporation folded in 1937, production of Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg cars came to an end. 

Today these beautiful and historic machines are a legacy of a truly remarkable period, and this book contains a comprehensive appreciation of them.

Softcover, New: $53.52; used copies are not much of a bargain in the $50 range.

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Cord 810/812: The Timeless Classic by Josh B. Malks
(Krause Publications; Iola, WI; 1995)

Consider this book the training wheels for Cord Complete (listed below).

Reader reviews of this book are very positive. They praise Malks' level of detail and knowledge about one of the coolest American cars ever built.

If you want an excellent history of the Cord 810/812 but you don't want to pony up the extra bucks for Cord Complete, definitely pick up a copy of this book. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

Hardcover, Used: Prices vary widely in the $50-$80 range.
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Cord Complete by Josh B. Malks
(Jericho Publications; Watsonville, CA; 2009)

Few car histories ever seem to be the last words on the subject. In this case, however, Josh Marks convincingly puts the final period at the end of the final sentence about the final car that Erret Lobban Cord's company built.

This monumental book fully illuminates the Cord's contributions to the worlds of automobile and industrial design.

Cord Complete
includes the author's notes on every page, expanding on the text material and offering fresh insights into the lives of the men who created the car and the circumstances of the world around them.

Long-lost original charts and graphs have been painstakingly reconstructed and are here presented in print for the first time.

The book is a full 10 x 14 inches. The oversize horizontal format permits proper display of vintage and new photographs and drawings. High quality paper stock and the best of modern printing processes make photographs seem to leap from the page.

The genuine leather binding recalls the style of the elaborate binders provided by Auburn to its Cord dealers seventy-five years ago and has been custom dyed to match an original Cord leather interior.

Three hundred and four big pages include more than 600 black and white illustrations and 48 pages in stunning full color.

As Josh proudly notes in our podcast with him, Cord Complete is delivered in a custom slipcase which commemorates the art deco showroom floor of the original Auburn Automobile Company.


Leatherbound, New: $79.00; used prices are, incredibly, in the $150 range.

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Glenn Pray: The Man Who Brought Legends to Life by Josh B. Malks
(DeGeyter; Watsonville, CA; 2007)

Malks, one of the foremost authorities on Cord, interviewed Glenn Pray over many hours for this book on the famous man's life.

Fascinating reading with many never-before-seen photos.

Hardcover, New: $60.00

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Glenn Pray: The Untold Stories by Glenn Pray and Cyndie Warner-Gardner
(Brooklands Books; Cobham, Surrey, England; 2011)

In this amusing book, Glenn Pray tells his story and his rise to fame.

Claiming he "started out with nothing and has most of it left", he borrowed a twenty-dollar bill, and bought the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Company.

Within months, his name was splashed across every major newspaper from coast to coast and around the world as he began manufacturing his "second generation" Cord and Auburn automobiles.

In Glenn Pray, a "poor boy with poor ways", we see a person who was determined to succeed. His charismatic character exemplifies the epitome of positive thinking, always looking for the humor in every situation, and making friends out of strangers.

Glenn Pray is the embodiment of the American Spirit. A humorist, patented inventor, high speed test car driver, classic car designer, motivational speaker, teacher, aerobatic pilot, Marine, the king of barter, successful businessman, and gifted storyteller.

Glenn Pray is a fascinating study of man's uncanny ability to fight the odds and win despite circumstance. Glenn himself said, "I worked my guardian angel to death." Surely, after reading about Glenn Pray's numerous brushes with serious injury or death, you will agree. If anyone had a guardian angel protecting him, certainly that person would be Glenn Pray. You will find the Glenn Pray story fascinating, hilarious, and inspirational.

I'm glad Glenn Pray was able to complete and publish this book before his death in 2011. It's great to read his story in his words.

But watch out, folks. There are a fair number of Pray haters out there who will take issue with the validity of his stories. They might be right. They might be wrong. Either way, both admiration and resentment of Pray will continue for as long as fans love the original A-C-D cars.

Softcover, New: $19.95; used prices are in the $15-$20 range.

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Duesenberg: the Pursuit of Perfection by Fred Roe
(Dalton Watson, Second Edition; New York, NY; 1982)

One of the earliest books about Duesenberg. The original edition of this book was published four years before Errett Cord died in 1974.

Hardcover, Used: Prices vary but are usually in the $90-$100 range.
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The Duesenberg by Louis William Steinwedel and J. Herbert Newport
(W.W. Norton & Co.; New York, NY; 1982)

One of the earliest books about Duesenberg. The original edition of this book was published four years before Errett Cord died in 1974.

Here's what Josh Malks says about it:
Stylist Herb Newport was responsible for some of the most striking custom bodies built for the Duesenberg Model J. Well written and illustrated with excellent photographs of Duesenbergs carrying Newport's bodies and those of other stylists, this small horizontal-format book is an excellent insight into the world of the custom body builders of the 1930s.

If Josh, an ACD expert, recommends it, that's good enough for me!

Hardcover, Used: Prices vary but are usually in the $8-$15 range.

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