Hupmobile radiator test

Hello, orphan car fans! Todd Ruel here with a treat and a puzzle.

I have a LOT of orphan car films (Industrial films, commercials, home movies, scraps of this, bits of that). It’s all fairly rare stuff, but one of the more interesting segments comes from a home movie that I bought off of eBay several years ago.

Amidst shots of kids mugging for the camera and grannies running away from it, there’s this short segment (with titles) about a Hupmobile radiator test conducted in Spain by Francis Abadal, Hupmobile’s Spanish distributor.

I think it’s fascinating, because I know of no other films by or about Hupmobile that were shot during the time they were in business.

I don’t know when this film was shot. One fellow eBay bidder thinks that the car in the movie is a 1929 Model A with dual side mounts. I’m not a Hupmobile expert, so it sounds plausible to me.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments either on this blog or on the YouTube channel where I’ve uploaded the film.

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