Stop your Saabing!

Don’t you realize what Saab’s formal bankruptcy means?
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It means that our
Saab 96 has earned its rightful parking spot in the Gone Autos orphan car garage between our REO Royale and our Saturn Sky! “God yul,” orphan car fans!

Believe me, I’m never happy when an automotive brand goes muffler up. I’m ecstatic!

Gone Autos is all about orphan cars. We can’t properly analyze models, explore company history and personalities, or celebrate the brand unless its dead. Now that it’s Official, we can get to work. Give me a scalpel, and let the auto-topsy begin!
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On second thought, we shouldn’t cut into the corpse just yet. The drama is still unfolding.

Swedish Automotive N.V. be able to recoup any of its money from its ill-fated investment in Saab? What’s the fate of all that tooling and technology that GM kept out of Chinese hands? What’s the fate of Saab’s trademark and other intellectual property, which they share with the defense and aerospace group Saab Company? Are the bun warmers in my 2009 Saab 9-3 still under warranty?

The factory workers are gone, but the lawyers will be figuring out how to dispose of the body for a while longer.

Saab owners are in mourning. Gone Autos is rejoicing. Stay tuned!