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I’ve talked about the need to market your orphan car at car shows. Today, I want to share an idea about how to do that.

Recently, I learned about Steven Tuck. He runs a business in Tampa, FL, called Let me tell you, this guy does outstanding work. Check his site. You’ll see.

Taking your car to a car show and simply abandoning it is a huge missed opportunity to educate the public. But a good car sign can really help raise awareness about your wheels. And a GREAT car sign shows that you’re proud of your work and want to share it with others.

Steven’s efforts fall into the “great” category. The graphics are sharp and professional. The information on each sign is clear, concise, and minimal. (With good graphic design, less is more. Information is easier to digest. Steven follows this rule religiously.)

Each sign is 21” x 28”. He does the printing via a dye sublimation heat transfer directly onto aluminum. Steven says, “They are very durable, as durable as the paint on your car and will not fade. You can clean them using quick detailer like your vehicle’s paint.”

The price for this fantastic, permanent marketing piece is $300. Pay once. Display it forever.

The result will be an increased interest in your car. And that’s ultimately what you really want, right? (Make sure you’re there with your car to answer all the questions that people will have.)

How you present your car is as important as how you fix your car. That’s how you keep people educated and interested. It’s also how you pass your car down to the next generation. (They can’t want it if they don’t know about it.) Let Steven Tuck at Car Show Signs help.
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