Big, Epic Welcome!

Welcome to Gone Autos, the web site that gives you tools for living the orphan car life!

What does that mean? It's Rambler simple. We want to help you
enjoy owning and showing your orphan car.

We want to celebrate you and others like you who have chosen the road less traveled in the car seldom seen. We want to tell the stories of these cars in unconventional ways. We want to help you tell friends and strangers what's so special about your orphan wheels. And we want to help you profit from this noble hobby of yours. Think of Gone Autos as your orphan car marketing department.

I Declare

My name is Todd Ruel, and I run Gone Autos. (Some of you may know me from my previous orphan car site: Torq-O.)

In a classic car world filled with DIY mechanics, I've often struggled to find my place. Ready for some heresy? I don't like fixing cars. I hate trying to figure out what's wrong with my 1961 Metropolitan.

I'd rather figure out ways to display cars and tell others about them. I'd rather be trying to recruit younger people into the hobby. I'd rather be meeting people and making connections through these orphan cars that you and I love.

That's just what I'm going to help you do with Gone Autos. I declare that I'm going to do my best to help you succeed at the final and critical step of owning your orphan car: enjoying it and teaching others why it's cool/rare/sacred.

Together, if we succeed, our passion will inspire others to join us. (That's how you get younger folks, folks.)

I Have Special Powers

It's true. I've cracked the code. Studied the patterns. Gulped down the magic potion. And here's the Wisdom of the Ancients, my friends: promoting your orphan car is as important as fixing it up. And here's the chaser: you have to promote it on your audience's terms. Not yours.

Gone Autos will not be filled with book reports about classic cars. We won't load the machine gun with statistics and fire at will. No more dreary text-and-pictures monographs. We won't let spreadsheets filled with gear ratios and model year changes get in the way of telling a good story.

Instead, we'll use tools that fire the imagination. Blogs are okay, but we're going to tell stories with podcasts, videos, comics, and more. And we'll do it with a contemporary sensibility. We're going to speak the audience's language. Not ours.

My special power is the ability to produce cool car stuff that you might hate. But the people you want in your clubs will love it. If you hate change, you will hate this web site.

But I also have the power to help you tell your story. To help you communicate. To help you get others as excited about your cars as you are.

And Together We Can Grow

I can drive down this road alone for awhile. But it's a lonesome highway without you. After getting comfortable with Gone Autos, I hope you'll find what we offer useful. And meaningful. And fun. I hope that maybe, just maybe, you'll stick with me for the long haul. Together, we can ignite the same passion in future generations that we felt when we were their age.

So climb in. Have a look at the map. Let me drive for awhile and show you the sights. It's going to be a weird ride at first. No one has done classic car appreciation this way, and this crate doesn't have seat belts.

After a few hundred miles, if you like what you see, you can slide over and do the steering. I'd love to see what you could produce to help drive Gone Autos forward.

And if I Fail?

Then I’ll just try something else! Success or failure, I promise you'll be entertained.
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