Gone Autos Podcast #4: Geoff Hacker with ForgottenFiberglass.com

Wanna hear "the best American car story never told?"

Then listen to Gone Autos’ interview with Geoff Hacker of ForgottenFiberglass.com. Geoff and his friend Rick
D'Louhy are on a mission to revive America's fiberglass-bodied sports car heritage.

Through dogged research and countless interviews with the fiberglass pioneers, Geoff is determined that someday you'll know as much about Victress, Glasspar, and LaDawri as you do about Corvette and Avanti.

It's an epic story of America's do-it-yourself fiberglass pioneers told by an amazing do-it-yourself historian. Do yourself a favor, and download this podcast now.

Listen to the audio-only version here.

For a video-enhanced version, click on over to the Gone Autos Podcast page. (You’ll need QuickTime for Mac or Windows to enjoy both sites and sounds.)
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