MItt Romney turns to Gone Autos!

Mitt Romney knows a good thing when he sees it. Literally!

When Romney was running in the Michigan primary in February, he created a TV commercial promoting his connection to Michigan. More specifically, Detroit. Here’s the spot:

As we all know, Mitt’s father was AMC’s legendary president George Romney. Mitt idolizes his dad, and he still loves many of the cars that American Motors made. (Did you know that he chose “Javelin” as his Secret Service code name?)

It was totally appropriate to show an AMC car in his spot. And where do you go when you need vintage American Motors footage? To Gone Autos, of course. We have the largest collection of vintage American Motors footage in the world. We rent it out as stock footage to anybody who needs to use it in their video productions. When Mitt’s consulting firm American Rambler Productions came calling, we had what they needed.

By the way, the second shot in the commercial is our spot. It’s from a vintage 1966 AMC Rambler Classic station wagon commercial. Here’s the original spot from our archive:

It’s interesting to me that this car was made after George Romney left AMC in February 1962 to run for Governor of Michigan. Technically, it’s not a product that Romney had any influence upon. I would have thought that MItt would have chosen some footage from the 1955-1962 era.

Nevertheless, this clip really conveys the suburban era that Mitt grew up in.

So are there any clips that we can provide for your video production?

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