I see dead newsletters.

And they don’t even know that they’re dead.

I’m paraphrasing a famous line from the movie
The Sixth Sense, but I’m dead serious. Car club newsletters are dead as the trees they’re printed on.

Newsletter editors: it’s time to stop printing newsletters and start cultivating your community online. You can lower yearly dues dramatically and keep your fellow car fans informed with news that’s day old instead of dead weeks ago. (The Nash Car Club of America has an email list that sends out emails to and from members daily. There’s a lot of great discussion back and forth about parts, car shows, history and philosophy. It’s a great way to connect with others.)

Marque club officers: it’s time to start using tomorrow’s technology to celebrate yesterday’s technology (our cars). If you want to recruit a younger generation, use the tools that they’re using: Facebook, Twitter, discussion groups, etc. All of the objections you get about communicating online keep you stuck in the past.

It’s time to make a statement by declaring that our clubs will only survive if we start recruiting younger members. An important way to do that is to meet them on their terms, not yours.

It’s time to make the hard decision to step aside if you are unwilling to make these changes.

Our cars are from the past. Our enthusiasm about our hobby doesn’t have to be. We need to change now, or our clubs don’t stand a ghost of a chance.
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