Eydie & Plymouth: her career climax?

Sadly, Eydie Gorme left us for that great gig in the sky on Saturday, August 10th.

She was a great vocal stylist. Together with her husband Steve Lawrence, she was half of the ultimate über-lounge nightclub act.

But what does this have to do with orphan cars? Well, nothing, I guess. I don’t know what I was thinking by bringing it up. I blame my cronut addiction. I blame it on the bossa nova. I blame it….WAIT A MINUTE!

67 Plymouth-Eydie Gorme
After Eydie died, I was thumbing through my orphan car radio commercial collection and suddenly…O. M. Effing G.: it’s Eydie Gorme singing/cooing/screaming for Plymouth in 1967!

The four commercials on this record are a snapshot of Eydie during her Rat Pack-era peak. And she definitely peaks at the end of the commercial I’m sharing with you here.

In fact, it sounds like she’s having an Eydie-gasm at the end of this spot. You have to hear it to believe it. Or maybe she should have kept that between her and Steve.

Moving past Eydie’s moment of utter bliss, this is a very catchy spot. Eydie baby talks you into believing that your Plymouth dealer is “all heart.”

Eydie is a very good spokesperson in the four spots shown on the record label. Alternating between Vegas lounge act,
Eydie Gorme
breathless announcer, and sexy temptress, Eydie had me hot, bothered, and ready to buy a Plymouth Valiant econobox!

After all, the squared-off Valiant bodies were brand new that year. And with just a little more whispering in my ear, she could have convinced me to upgrade from the 170-cube Slant Six to the 273 V-8.

But if she could have looked me in the eye and playfully lowered that massive updo she always wore, I never would have even noticed that I was writing a check for the ’67 Belvedere GTX, a bonafide Sixties muscle car classic.

RIP, Eydie! You lived large and loved….loud!

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