Gone Autos movie footage featured on Automotive News TV show!

One of my missions here at Gone Autos is to remind the media that there’s nothing new in the automobile world. When it comes to cars, someone has been there, driven that. There’s nothing new under the sun roof.

So when I heard that
Gucci had designed a special version of the Fiat 500 (itself a new version of an old classic), the two-tone horns went off in my head.

I just had to tell Jennifer Vuong, the anchor for
First Shift, a daily news show at Automotive News. She had to be warned that Gucci had driven down this path before.

I dove into the Gone Autos Media Archive and plucked a short clip from the 1973 AMC dealer introduction film. Then I emailed it to her. She loved the story and ran in today’s daily
First Shift episode.

Now she knows. Now here audience knows. And now, orphan car fan, you know too. Watch below.

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