Where's Gone Autos? At the International Met Meet!

I’m packing up the car with the most popular Metropolitan novelty t-shirts of the year and heading to Kenosha!

Gone Autos is going to be a vendor at the
2011 International Metropolitan Meet from July 28-30. I expect to be drowning in neopolitan colors this year, but I always have fun at these shows.

The Metropolitan evokes the best kind of smiles: genuine, enthusiastic, and irony free. I’m happy to be part of this event and once again seeing old friends.

Gone Autos also has an amazing offer for Met fans interested in this t-shirt. If you can tell me what orphan car brands you see on my shirt at the show, I’ll knock $2 off the $21.95 asking price.

And since you’re a devoted fan of this blog, I’m going to give you the answers. Here goes:
1) Nash Metropolitan
2) Pontiac GTO
3) Curved Dash Oldsmobile
4) Oldsmobile Toronado
5) Packard
6) Tucker Torpedo
7) Kaiser Manhattan
8) Studebaker Avanti
9) Pontiac Solstice
10) Mercury Cougar
11) DeLorean
12) Crosley
13) Sharknose Graham

Write ‘em down. Recite ‘em to my face. Save two bucks! Motores Prudentiores, indeed! See you in Kenosha!
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