1953 Packard TV commercial

Friends, the Gone Autos film library is without bounds! (If, by “bounds”, you mean two columns of shelves stuffed full of orphan car films tucked away in the basement)

We got AMC stuff. We got Nash stuff. We got Oldsmobile stuff and Studebaker and Plymouth stuff! We even have a 1929 Graham-Paige film!

But our Packard library is teeny tiny. Just one official factory reel of 1953 Packard TV commercials.

I hate to keep this stuff in the moldy dark, so I hauled out the reel and digitized these spots. Here’s one of them for your viewing pleasure.

Rejoice as the monstrous Packard Cavalier turns effortlessly thanks to power steering! And how could you get that land yacht up a steep hill without Packard’s Ultramatic transmission? (Or a tow truck?) And you gotta appreciate how Packard’s power brakes keep the driver from plowing through a group of kids crossing the street. (Packard engineers sure thought of everything!)

I kid, but, of course, I would love to drive one of these three-pillared schooners. Since I can’t this commercial will have to do. Enjoy!
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