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Endurance tested. Stress tested. Torture tested!

Check out the vintage film that shows Nash Airflyes going airborne all in the name of performance and durability!

Ready for takeoff?
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Find out how a casual collector becomes an extreme collector.

Tim Dye, a Pontiac collector/author/museum owner is my guest on the newest Gone Autos Podcast.

Get the podcast here!
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The late Eydie Gorme teamed up with Plymouth in 1967 to create a series of unforgettable, orgasmic radio commercials.

Listen to the best one here!
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Maybe you've seen this vintage AMC Pacer commercial on YouTube, but only Gone Autos has the inside scoop on how it was made.

Read the interview with original cast member Kathy Kroll here!
Gone Autos Blog
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Gone Autos Podcast Episode 9:
Florence Henderson & Bill Hayes: Let's Talk About a Rocket

Did you know that Oldsmobile spent crazy amounts of money back in the 1950s/60s to promote their new cars every year?

Did you know that they hired the best Broadway talent to create big, splashy stage shows to entertain and inform dealers and salesmen?

Did you know that Gone Autos got two of the biggest entertainers to talk about their days with Olds?

Florence and Bill talk about a rocket on the best Gone Autos Podcast yet!

About the Gone Autos colors: yeah, you probably don't see too many classic car sites using color schemes like this. Most of them are black or have shiny metallic accents. Seen 'em. Didn't wanna copy 'em.

So we based our colors on AMC's Big Bad colors: Big Bad Blue, Big Bad Orange, and Big Bad Green. Coupled with black and white, we thought we had a simple color palette that we could work with.

No chrome. No dark goth colors. No boring Bondo colors. Just big, bad, and bold.
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Get special discounts on Gone Autos swag.

Get periodic tips, tricks, and tools for living the orphan car life.
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*Or else we'll hide your Crosley in the garden shed.
*Or else we'll park the '61 Metropolitan outside your house and lay on the horn all night.
*Or else we'll call that plumber's butt crack your Darrin Dip.
*Or else we'll retard your spark.